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Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning in Tucson, AZ

Cummings Plumbing Heating and Cooling has been providing full-service residential and commercial heating and cooling services in Tucson and Southern Arizona since 1985. We are one of the top air duct cleaning companies in the region. 

Our air duct cleaning services include the installation, inspection, and cleaning of air conditioner ductwork. We specialize in designing and installing new ductwork for homes and businesses, which gets connected to the building’s furnace and AC units. 

When an HVAC system is installed, the ductwork is typically placed within ceiling crawl spaces. 

Unless you want to poke your head into the vents and know what to look for, have us do the grunt work and periodically check if there are any buildups or blockages that are keeping the air duct system from running at its peak performance.
Duct Inspection

Air Conditioner Duct Work Inspections in Tucson, AZ

We recommend having your ventilation system inspected annually. 

One of our professional air-conditioning technicians can do an inspection of your home or business and determine if it needs duct cleaning service. Should that be the case, we will connect a truck-powered vacuum to your air duct system near the furnace. 

As the various outlets are closed off, a forceful vacuum is created on the entire system, enabling us to effectively remove dust and contaminants. High-pressure air hoses are run through all the air conditioner duct work from the register to the furnace. 

As the air is released through the hose, it scours the inside of the ducts, further loosening any remaining dust, mold, and debris, which are then quickly removed by the vacuum.
Duct cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Tucson, AZ 

People who suffer from allergens or disease-causing bacteria will especially benefit from our advanced air duct cleaning services. Bacteria, molds, viruses, and fungus are all removed by our duct cleaning service, making a cleaner living or working environment. 

Duct cleaning often increases the efficiency of a heating and cooling system, helping ensure a longer life for the system. It also saves the home or business owner money on repairs and monthly utility bills.
Our dedicated and highly trained technicians are here to serve you for all your air duct cleaning and installation needs in Tucson, AZ and the surrounding region. To schedule a duct cleaning service appointment or inspection, call our experts today.
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